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Resize Your Quilt Block Templates with Ease!

Don't let pattern size limit your creativity! This guide will help you quickly adjust quilt block templates to perfectly fit your project needs. Whether you want to enlarge a block for a statement piece or reduce it for a miniature quilt, follow these simple steps!

Quick and Easy Resizing:

Patterns aren't always the perfect size, but that's no problem! We can easily solve this by adjusting the "scale" of the design, also known as the printing percentage.

Keep in Mind:

  • Reducing Size: This can be trickier because pieces become smaller and harder to handle.
  • Enlarging Size: Large designs may not fit on a standard printer page and might require splicing or printing at a copy shop.

Resize Like a Pro with Our Chart!

Click here to view the Resizing Chart.

The included chart takes the guesswork out of resizing. Here's how to use it:


You have a 12" x 12" block and want to print it at 8" x 8".

  1. Find "12" in the Original Block Size column.
  2. Find "8" in the Desired Block Size row.
  3. Locate the intersection of the row and column - it should be 67%.

Printing Magic:

  1. Open your print settings and select "USA Letter Size" (8.5" x 11").
  2. Set the print size to 67%.
  3. Print! Your pattern will be magically resized to 8" x 8".

Rectangular Blocks:

For rectangular blocks, choose one side to resize and check how that affects the other side using the chart.


You have a 16" x 12" block and want the largest measurement to be 24".

  1. Find "16" in the Original Block Size column and "24" in the Desired Block Size row.
  2. The intersection shows 150%.
  3. Now, look in the 12" row (original shorter side) to see which column has 150%. This is 18".

So, printing at 150% will give you a final block size of 24" x 18".

Resize and Conquer!

Now you have the knowledge and tools to resize quilt block templates with confidence. Don't be afraid to experiment and create projects that perfectly suit your vision! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.