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A delightful escape from the world's noise, finding solace in Tomteland, a world of creativity, fun, and joy.

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Kind Words

"I love the attention to detail in this pattern, the pieces are lined up on the pages for easy cutting, and they fit together so well!"

Mary Burroughs-Mayer

"Tomte patterns are a pleasure to sew! They’re well written, and the pattern pieces include seam allowances. Wonderful designs!"


"I’ve used Tomte patterns before so I knew I would enjoy working with this pattern. I collect snowmen, so when I saw his happy face, I knew I had to get it!"


"I have looked and looked for a pattern just like this and I finally found it! Awesome pattern... Thank you so much!"


Hi there — I'm Gaby, the creative mind behind Tomte Studio!

Rooted in the magical memories of my grandmother's mountain home, Tomte Studio is a homage to my childhood sanctuary - filled with pine trees, starlit nights, and handmade art. Driven by a desire to reconnect with simplicity, nature, and love, I founded Tomte Studio to share the joy of a creative, purposeful life inspired by the wonders of Tomteland.