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Welcome to Tomteland!

A cozy design studio specializing in paper piecing patterns, magical creatures and fantastic beasts. We make the quilting process more fun and delightful.

Meet the Heart and Soul of Tomte Studio: Discover the Enchanting Tomte Character

Hi there — I’m Tomte, the soul of the Studio!

I'm a mythical creature from Nordic folklore. I'm a guardian spirit of the house, watching over the animals and children at night.

I'm solitary and shy, usually choosing only a few people as friends. I'm considered a benevolent and friendly being, but I can also take revenge if I'm mistreated or ignored.

My role is to care for the earth and nature, and to protect the homes of the people I love. It is a great responsibility, but I love what I do. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and my story.

And if you want to meet Gaby, the human who lives in Tomteland, click here!

You want your next quilt to be increadible. We are here to make it happen!

Kind words!

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This is a really fun quilt block for any dog lover and it was easy to personalize. Thanks for creating a great sewing experience.

— Lee

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These Christmas paper piece directions were very well written and very accurate. They turned out fabulous.

— Christine

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Amazing designs that can't be found anywhere else!

— Emily

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Clear and concise instructions and good layout. But most importantly FPP parts fit together like a charm. A true pleasure to make these cute blocks.

— Anna

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Wonderland Hopper is Here! Get Ready to Hop into Block 2!
Today is an exciting day in our Whimsy Wonderland Quilt Adventure! Our charming bunny has grown up a bit and even sported a cute bow tie 😁. You won't find a rabbit as adorable as ours!Introducing Block 2: Wonderland Hopper! This delightful block is n...
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Dive into the Whimsical World of "Alice's Apron" - Our First Block Unveiled!
Welcome to the exciting launch of our "Whimsy Wonderland Quilt Adventure QAL"!Today marks the official start of our quilt along, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share this whimsical journey with you. The first block in our adventure is none other ...
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Love Patchwork and Quilting issue 128
Let's take a quick break from our amazing Wonderland adventure to share another adorable project in the cutest magazine of them all!This time, it's a mini quilt measuring 18" x 18" featuring my adorable mushroom design.You can find it in Issue 128, w...
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Join the Whimsy Wonderland Quilt Adventure - A Magical Quilt Along Journey!
Hello, fellow quilters! Exciting news awaits you! I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the "Whimsy Wonderland Quilt Adventure" Quilt Along! Inspired by the magical world of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, this extraordinary jou...
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Love Patchwork and Quilting issue 126
I'm thrilled! Another adorable project featured in the most adorable magazine ever! ♥️This time, it's a mini quilt measuring 18" x 18" featuring my beloved sausage dog.You can find it in issue 126, which is now up for grabs both online and in print. ...
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Circle of Geese Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial - Learn to Create Stunning Quilt Blocks | Tomte Studio
My Basic Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial is Now Available!
I am thrilled to announce that my highly anticipated Basic Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial, featuring the beautiful Circle of Geese block, is now live! If you've ever wanted to unravel the secrets of this fascinating technique and create stunning q...
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Love Patchwork and Quilting issue 124
I am so happy! Another cute project in the cutest magazine of all ♥️ This time the project is a mini quilt, 18" x 18", my lovely shorthaired British cat.It is issue 124 and is now available for sale online and also in print. To buy the online is...
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May the 4th be with you!
Happy Star Wars day, my friends!I was very doubtful whether I would do it or not, but after missing the date for two consecutive years, this time I even wrote it down in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget.As a good series and movie addict I had to do i...
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