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At Tomteland, we specialize in creating unique and beautiful quilt block patterns using the paper piecing technique.

At Tomte Studio, we believe life's greatest joys are found in simplicity, connecting with nature, the purity of imagination, and the magic of handmade art. Our patterns offer a delightful escape into creativity and fun, allowing you to express yourself through minimalist, colorful, and cheerful designs that are a pleasure to sew and admire.

Quilting is more than just a hobby; it's a way to weave love and cherished memories into something truly special. Whether you're crafting a heartfelt gift or a cozy heirloom for your home, our patterns empower you to create quilts that will be treasured for generations. With Tomte Studio, you can unwind, express yourself, and create something truly magical.

Hi there - I'm Gaby!

My grandmother's house in the mountains was my refuge in a magical childhood. We lived among the trees, picking pine nuts, watching the stars, and watching our mothers and grandmother knitting by the fire. I can still smell the pine trees, the wood burning, and the orange cake baking. These memories have shaped who I am, valuing simplicity, connection with nature, purity of imagination, and a love of handmade art. It's only now that I realize I was in Tomteland without knowing it.

Life and its challenges took me away from those magical moments. But motherhood, my most fantastic adventure, created a need to reconnect with that place, bring it closer to my boys, and live a simpler life full of love and purpose. 

Inspired by flowers, animals, nature, movies, and books, I'm constantly transported back to those childhood moments. That's how Tomte Studio was born. It was driven by the mission to bring fun into people's lives, helping them escape the world's noise and find solace in Tomteland, a world of creativity, color, and joy.

Meet Tomte, Our Scandinavian Guardian!

I am captivated by the magic of Scandinavia, which goes beyond stunning designs. It is a way of life that celebrates simplicity and connection with nature. This is where I discovered the mystical figure of the Tomte. 

In Scandinavian folklore, the Tomte (also known as a Tonttu or Nisse) is a kindred spirit and a home guardian who watches over families, especially the little ones. These mischievous yet merry sprites are believed to bring good luck and protection to children, adding a touch of magic to everyday life. 

Imagine your home sparkling with a touch of Tomte magic, brought to life with our enchanting foundation paper piecing patterns.

Kind Words

"This pattern is beautiful and really well done! I enjoyed every minute of making it."


"Thank you for a wonderful tutorial, you explained everything I need to start and to help during. I will watch the You tube video's a few times too! thanks again"


"I loved this pattern. Being an old fashioned “snail mail” fan, this was right up my alley. Having made previous patterns by Tomte, I knew it would have great instructions and be simple to complete."


"Great and very clear instructions! All critical matching points are marked, so everything comes together easily. Fun!"


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