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Exploring the Emotional Power of Colors: A Journey of Sensations
Colors have a profound impact on our emotions, influencing the way we perceive and experience the world around us. From soft shades of pink to vibrant shades of red, each color has its unique ability to evoke sensations and emotions in us. ...
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How can we use the color wheel to create impactful color palettes?
Now that you understand how the color wheel is created, let's understand the most common and harmonious combinations.Harmony relates to the expectation of total balance or neutrality of the eye/brain.⠀⠀When we have a harmonious composition, we feel t...
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Let's talk about colors?
It may seem difficult to make harmonious combinations, but once you understand the color wheel and the origin of colors, everything becomes very easy.⠀⠀It is so intuitive that purple matches with red or blue, but that is because it came from them, it...
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