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Gaby Sartori: Passionate Quilter and Creative Mind behind Tomte Studio

Hi there - I'm Gaby!

Hi, I'm Gaby, the creative mind behind Tomte Studio. I am from São Paulo, Brazil, the land of soccer, carnival, and many other cool things.

I'm a dedicated mother of two beautiful youngsters and my lovely Julie 🐶. I've been happily married for 23 wonderful years to my loving partner.

By trade, I'm an engineer, designer, and teacher. However, I'm currently embarking on a purpose-driven journey into the realm of meaningful entrepreneurship. I have a burning desire to express my true essence to the world, combining my passions and talents in a harmonious blend. What started as a mere hobby has evolved into something extraordinary. I decided to merge my love for design and sewing, giving birth to my own pattern creations. It was in that moment that I realized my destiny was to create beautiful designs that bring joy to others.

Throughout my creative journey, I've developed a portfolio of over 80 unique patterns, demonstrating my dedication and passion. It's incredibly rewarding to see my patterns adorning the pages of magazines and appearing in lookbooks of fabric collections.

I firmly believe that life becomes more enjoyable when we embrace simplicity and seek out the enchanting wonders that surround us. I'm always attuned to the magical side of the world, maintaining an unwavering faith in the purity of imagination, the limitless power of creativity, and a deep connection with nature. In my whimsical universe, fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, and dragons come to life, inspiring wonder and captivating hearts.

Driven by nostalgia and the desire to create lasting memories, I seek to share these delightful moments with you through my paper piecing patterns. I invite you to embark on countless enjoyable afternoons of sewing, reminiscing about cherished moments spent at my grandmother's house.

My designs are a gateway to a world where creativity flourishes and the joy of sewing becomes an enduring part of your own personal journey.

Come join me on this whimsical adventure and discover the magic that awaits. Together, let's create something truly extraordinary.

You can visit my Instagram page here

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